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18 November, 2015 in Gear, News

Open Labs Stagelight music creation app for Android mobile devices

Open Labs Stagelight music creation app for Android mobile devices

Open Labs launches a free Android version of the Stagelight music creation software that has been designed for first-time users

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the consumer music creation specialist Open Labs has introduced Stagelight to Android phones. The app is free to download and has been designed by its developers to be “extremely simple and fun for first-time users”, with step-by-step lessons on the basics of song structure, tempo, recording instruments, how to build your first song and sharing. Stagelight includes a suite of built-in instruments such as a drum machine with touch lads, an on-screen piano and synths, and hosts its own in-app store offering royalty-free content across a variety of genres.

Stagelight 2.3 has been updated specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones and phablets, with the interface offering scalability to all relevant screen sizes. This means users can experience the same familiar workflow across all devices and platforms, and its ‘mobile expansion’ compatibility makes it possible to start a project on one device and complete it on another.

“Stagelight is the first music creation app that allows people to start for free and unlock capabilities as they progress,” explains Cliff Mountain, President and CEO of Open Labs. “With our in-app lessons and unlockable features, music listeners can now easily become music makers in 10 minutes or less. We want to ‘Free The Music’ in everyone, which is why we have expanded to Android, the largest operating system in the world.”

For more information on Stagelight and to download the app for free, take a look at:

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