ICMP to host vocal recording technique sessions

Mary Carewe
Mary Carewe

Mary Carewe: “I look forward to being able to pass on my years of experience to a new generation of singers”

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance will welcome the experienced singer Mary Carewe to run a series of interactive classes

One of the UK’s most in-demand and versatile vocalists, Mary Carewe, will visit the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in April to deliver a series of in-depth studio recording technique sessions. The series will take place in ICMP’s Audient Studio and cover a range of topics, including the way a mic responds to distance, how to ask for the right headphone balance, tricks for making sure one is in tune/in time, and how to help make a lead vocal recorded over a few takes sound as if it was recorded in just one.

Mary Carewe is a British concert and recording artist known for her powerful and expressive vocals and engaging stage presence. Her wide-ranging experience includes work as an international concert soloist and a highly regarded session singer for artists including Steps, Westlife, Pulp and Joe Cocker and recorded for numerous Hollywood film soundtracks. Mary performs regularly in concerts such as ‘The music of Burt Bacharach’, ‘The Best of Rodgers and Hammerstein’ and ‘La Vie En Rose’.

Having the opportunity to share her skills and experience led Mary to comment: “I love studio recording – the challenge of giving a performance that will sound great on repeated hearings as well as capturing a moment in time that sounds spontaneous and fresh,” commented Carewe. “As with most things in music having knowledge and technique frees you up to be creative and I look forward to being able to pass on my years of experience to a new generation of singers at ICMP.”

For more information on this event, go to icmp.ac.uk and for more on Mary visit: marycarewe.com

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