Jessica Rhodes carousel

Introducing… Jessica Rhodes

April 21, 2016 in Features, Interviews

If soulfully-inclined pop with real, not ersatz emotion sounds like your cup of tea, then look out for this woman…… Tags: , , , , , ,

Morgan Mallory

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Would It Be Different’ by Morgan Mallory

April 4, 2016 in News

This week, we bring you some heartfelt pure pop coming all the way from the west coast of the USA… Tags: , ,

Amy Virginia

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Coney Island Xmas Day’ by Amy Virginia

March 28, 2016 in News

It’s Easter! So here, courtesy of New York artist Amy Virginia, comes a Monday exclusive that’s all about Christmas. Obviously.… Tags: , , , ,

Tanita Tikaram carousel

Interview: Tanita Tikaram

March 9, 2016 in Features, Interviews

With her ninth album imminent, we meet a songwriter who’s been quietly getting on with it for nearly 30 years… Tags: , , , ,


EXCLUSIVE! ‘Short Cut’ by Janita

March 7, 2016 in News

This week’s Monday exclusive is a slice of grown-up pop from a US-based Finnish artist with an impressive track record… Tags: , ,


EXCLUSIVE! ‘From Far Away’ by SayReal

January 25, 2016 in News

This Monday’s exclusive comes in video form, as we bring you some uplifting, reggae-tinged pop all the way from California… Tags: , , , ,

Lisa Gary

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Chapter Of Your Life’ by Lisa Gary

December 28, 2015 in News

Our final Monday exclusive of the year comes from New York-based Lisa Gary, and is taken from her forthcoming debut… Tags: ,


EXCLUSIVE! ‘Medicine Man’ by Alma

December 14, 2015 in News

Soulful pop vibes from sunny LA for this week’s Monday night exclusive, as we debut the new single by Alma… Tags: , ,

Ruth A-D

EXCLUSIVE! ‘War On Dreams’ & ‘Just Another Scratch’ by Ruth A-D

November 19, 2015 in News

The Sussex-based artist releases not one but two singles at once – and you can hear them both first here… Tags: , , ,

Monica Lionheart

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Run’ by Monica Lionheart

November 16, 2015 in News

This week’s Monday exclusive sees us debuting the new video from Brooklyn artist Monica Lionheart, formerly of electro-rock outfit Zigmat… Tags: , , , ,

Peter Kelly

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Don’t Let Me Be Alone’ by Peter Kelly

October 30, 2015 in News

A double bonus tonight: not only our second world exclusive of the week, but it’s a full album to boot!… Tags: , ,

Cheryl B Engelhardt

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Inevitably’ by Cheryl B Engelhardt

October 22, 2015 in News

Some folk-pop goodness for you on this week’s Thursday exclusive, as we premiere the new video from Cheryl B Engelhardt… Tags: , , ,

Adam Clark

EXCLUSIVE! ‘With You’ by Adam Clark

October 1, 2015 in News

This week’s Thursday track exclusive comes from an NYC pop artist who’s already been making waves on the live circuit… Tags: , , ,

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding announces 2016 UK arena tour

September 22, 2015 in News

The ‘Lights’ and ‘Halycon’ singer-songwriter will play 10 arena dates in March 2016, in support of forthcoming third long-player ‘Delirium’… Tags: , , , , ,

Lewis Fieldhouse

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Goodbye’ by Lewis Fieldhouse

September 3, 2015 in News

This week’s Thursday exclusive is ‘Goodbye’ by Lewis Fieldhouse, a radio-friendly grown-up pop ditty coming to you in video form… Tags: , , ,


EXCLUSIVE! ‘Special Place’ by Terrace

July 3, 2015 in News

We’re kicking off the march into the weekend with an exclusive track from the deliciously smooth Canadian pop group Terrace… Tags: , , , ,

Sunday Lane

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Parliament’ by Sunday Lane

June 25, 2015 in News

This week’s Thursday track exclusive is a slice of wistful, sunny LA dream-pop from Thick As Thieves singer Sunday Lane… Tags: , , , , , ,

Connecting Stars

EXCLUSIVE! ’Pink Blossoms‘ by Connecting Stars

May 28, 2015 in News

For this week’s Thursday exclusive, Songwriting is delighted to premiere the new video from South African acoustic duo Connecting Stars… Tags: , ,

Heather Bond

EXCLUSIVE! ‘So Long’ by Heather Bond

May 21, 2015 in News

Another video exclusive this week, as Songwriting proudly presents the world premiere of the video for Heather Bond’s ‘So Long’… Tags: , , ,

Callaghan A History Of Now

A History Of Now by Callaghan (Album)

April 26, 2015 in Music Reviews

Having already tasted success in the US, Lincolnshire-born songstress Callaghan brings her country-flavoured adult pop back home to the UK… Tags: , , ,