Tips & Techniques

Songwriting tips, techniques and ideas

Here you’ll find technical guidance, creative ideas, advice and top tips from well-known artists, experienced professionals and qualified tutors, to help you become a better songwriter. We’ll also include studio production techniques to guide you through the process of recording your own demo tracks, and explore the opportunities to promote your music.

home recording software


Songwriter’s guide to home recording: software

Our music production guru Dave Chrzanowski is back to talk about the DAWs and VSTs you need to get started…

home recording studio


Songwriter’s guide to home recording: laptop vs desktop

Our resident music production aficionado Dave Chrzanowski explains the basics of setting up a home studio, starting with computer selection…

Francesca de Valence


Dear songwriter (are you done waiting?)

In her latest letter, regular columnist Francesca de Valence encourages you to get writing, every day, and keep on writing…

Anoushka Lucas


The 10 things I learned about songwriting from writing for theatre

Multi-lingual songwriter, composer, actress and performer Anoushka Lucas shares some invaluable lessons learned from her time spent treading the boards…

Four strategies for improving your lyrics


Four strategies for improving your lyrics

Nashville songwriting coach Mark Cawley gives us an extract from his book ‘Song Journey’, offering some helpful advice for lyricists…


Dear songwriter (who struggles to write good songs)

In the first of a new regular column, the I Heart Songwriting Club founder encourages you to write, write, write…

Geoff Wilkinson: how to win friends and collaborate


Geoff Wilkinson: how to win friends and collaborate

If you’re a vocalist/topliner looking for a collaboration, then the Us3 and YLD producer has some top tips for you…

The art of the performing songwriter


Dean Friedman on the art of the performing songwriter

In this extract from ‘The Songwriter’s Handbook’, the chart-topping recording artist expounds the importance of producing an authentic live performance…

Lists & Opposites


Lists & Opposites

Founder of The Song Foundry, Ed Bell presents us with two powerful lyric-writing techniques: creating list lyrics and using contrast…

River Nelson


River Nelson’s tips on staying resilient as a lyricist

The New Yorker draws on three decades as a hip-hop artist to offer some invaluable advice to any would-be wordsmiths…

Barry Blue


Barry Blue’s tips on surviving for 50 years as a songwriter

The legendary British songwriter and producer offers some wise words for anyone wanting a lasting career in the music-making business…

Writing to a brief for film & television


Peter Raeburn on writing to a brief for film and television

We asked the award-winning composer and producer how he approaches creating music for the media, alongside writing songs for himself…

Mark Farris' writing tips


10 writing tips from Grammy Award winner Mike Farris

The Nashville rocker collected the Best Roots Gospel Album trophy in 2015. Here he reveals the secrets of his success…

Songs & Strings


Songs & Strings: Patrick Hamilton’s tips for arranging and orchestration

The producer, composer and arranger takes a break from the studio to offer some tips on writing and orchestrating strings…

How To Become An Artist Songwriter


How to become an artist songwriter

Nashville musician and songwriting coach Mark Cawley talks from first-hand experience about being both a solo artist and a writer-for-hire…

SK Shlomo


SK Shlomo’s 10 lessons learnt from a decade of collaboration

The world-record-breaking beatboxer shares advice on creativity and mental health from Björk, Damon Albarn, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz and more…

DIM & AUG chords


Don’t diminish the use of diminished & augmented chords

Songwriting coach James Linderman advises on the best use of these lesser-known chords, and how they can ‘augment’ your song…

When The Muse Goes Missing


What to do when the muse goes missing

Nashville songwriter and mentor Mark Cawley shares some tactics for reviving those elusive creative juices when you’ve lost the flow…

Ask The Experts - Paul Gray


Ask The Experts: Paul Gray of the MU

We put some frequently-asked questions on royalty splits and songwriters’ rights to The Damned bassist and Musicians’ Union regional officer…



RuthAnne’s 10 tips on transitioning from songwriter to artist

This successful Irish songwriter is making her move for solo stardom. Here are her tips on how to change lane…


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3 thoughts on “Tips & Techniques

  1. Arlene Yates says:

    Hello, I am a song writer and have written many tunes over the years, and I was wondering how I would get one of my songs to a well known artist to sing. Theses songs are fully master by the Les Paul Family and they just sit in my drawer, year after year. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I do a lot of children’s tunes also. Thank you for your time.

    • Phenihas notnyce says:

      Arlene am a young upcoming and know how to sing but don’t know how to write songs so am pleading with you if you can let’s link up and see how far this your songs will take we to please from Ghana so incase this maybe you can even become my manager please. Thank you

  2. Rob Burns says:

    I have started to write song lyrics but cannot play any instruments. I ave written lots lyrics but do not know how to submit them to artists, i wonder if you can advise me.

    Kind regards

    Rob Burns

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