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Songwriting tips, techniques and ideas

Here you’ll find technical guidance, creative ideas, advice and top tips from well-known artists, experienced professionals and qualified tutors, to help you become a better songwriter. We’ll also include studio production techniques to guide you through the process of recording your own demo tracks, and explore the opportunities to promote your music. To view an archive of all our tips and techniques articles visit the Tips & Techniques Archive.

Jane Taylor


Jane Taylor: Finding your lyrics

Struggling with your lyrics? Award-winning UK singer-songwriter Jane Taylor shares some ideas for getting the creative juices flowing yrics are…

An insider's guide to sync


An insider’s guide to music synchronisation

Creating music for ‘sync’ has become an increasingly important option for songwriters. We asked an industry expert how it works.…

Lisa Redford


Lisa Redford: Cover versions

Need a break from writing? Our regular columnist looks at the fine art of making a familiar song your own……

disappointing gigs carousel


How to deal with a disappointing gig

Not every show you play is going to be a sold-out, rip-roaring success. But don’t let that get you down……

David Stark - Songlink


David Stark: Pitching your songs effectively

The founder of long-running songwriters’ tip-sheet SongLink demystifies the process of pitching songs to A&Rs and imparts some invaluable advice…

Lisa Redford


Lisa Redford: Writing collaboratively

Are two heads better than one for writing songs? Lisa considers the benefits and perils of writing with a partner…

Guy Thomas 'Songwriting: The Creative Process For Beginners' on Udemy


New online course on ‘Songwriting: The Creative Process For Beginners’

Singer-songwriter and modern music professor at UCLA, Guy Thomas launches a new songwriting class on the Udemy online learning platform…

classic music cd


Writing away from your instrument

Struggling to come up with ideas? Sitting slaving over a hot piano isn’t necessarily the best solution, says Ken Chapple……

Helen Reddington


Helen Reddington: Songwriting spaces

Songwriting a walk in the park? Helen thinks so, and suggests some other creative spaces that’ll get the juices flowing…

Frettie carousel



Want feedback on your work from fellow songwriters, without getting abuse from trolls? This new online community is for you!…

EKSA Songwriting Camp


A trip to EKSA Songwriting Camp

Aaron Slater recently attended Eliot Kennedy’s Songwriting Camp at Sheffield’s Steelworks Studios. What did he learn from the award-winning songwriter?…

Lisa Redford


Lisa Redford: The great duets

As our regular columnist works on a duet of her own, she looks at some great collaborations of the past…


A beginner’s guide to… music publishing

For the serious songwriter, getting a publishing deal is crucial. We asked an industry insider to explain how it works……

Lisa Redford


Lisa Redford: Writing to a brief

This month, our regular columnist Lisa looks at the different challenges that are involved in writing songs to a commission…

Harmonic quality of chords


Songwriting technique: Harmonic quality of chords

First of a two-part article, in which Berklee Music’s James Linderman looks at chord quality and the moods they create…


One thought on “Tips & Techniques

  1. Arlene Yates says:

    Hello, I am a song writer and have written many tunes over the years, and I was wondering how I would get one of my songs to a well known artist to sing. Theses songs are fully master by the Les Paul Family and they just sit in my drawer, year after year. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I do a lot of children’s tunes also. Thank you for your time.

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