EXCLUSIVE! ‘Don’t Let Me Be Alone’ by Peter Kelly

30 October, 2015 in Music, News

Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly: unlike Greta Garbo, he doesn’t want to be alone

A double bonus tonight: not only our second world exclusive of the week, but it’s a full album to boot!

Following on from yesterday’s premiere of the Ten Ton Man EP, tonight Songwriting is pleased to bring you the first airing of Don’t Let Me Be Alone, the new album from New York-based singer-songwriter Peter Kelly. Fans of grown-up, guitar-based pop, this is for you.

An alumnus of the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston, where he specialised on the guitar, Peter moved to New York after graduating and played in a number of bands including Hemenway and Roadside Poets before going solo. He’s released several albums since then, to great critical acclaim, and has even performed his song Oz at a United Nations concert in front of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Douglas and Stevie Wonder.

Of the new album, he says: “Don’t Let Me Be Alone is me being me. It’s a representation of how I write, play, sing and record music. I wanted it to sound new, old, and everything in-between. I wanted it to feel like a single entity with 10 different personalities and perspectives. Sometimes it sores, and sometimes it cries. I didn’t start out with a concept and I didn’t intend to reinvent the wheel. If I had any intention, it was to make an album that sounded like everything I’ve ever loved about music.”

The press release recommends this one “for fans of” Train, The Fray or Ron Pope… but see what you think!

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