Tascam reveals two new PocketStudio digital recorders

29 January, 2013 in Gear, News

Tascam PocketStudio DP-006

What Tascam declare are “a necessity for all song writers” and “the perfect music sketch pad”, so worth us investigating

tilised by seminal artists, and home for legendary albums throughout the years, Tascam has stayed true to manufacturing rugged, compact, feature-rich songwriting and demo tools. Their revolutionary PortaStudios have remained ideal home recording devices for decades, and next in line is the DP-006 and DP-008EX PocketStudios, for all songwriters and bands alike.

The DP-006 is a compact solid-state multi-track recorder equipped with six channels (two mono and two stereo/mono), selectable track modes, built-in high-quality stereo condenser mics and two mic/line inputs. This recorder will easily fit into any gig bag, pocket or suitcase.

Tascam is also introducing the DP-008EX eight-channel PocketStudio with built-in input and master effects. Each channel is conveniently loaded with volume, pan, reverb-send knobs, auto-punch in/out, two XLR mic inputs with +48V phantom power and built-in high-quality stereo condenser mics.

Both units come with a 2GB SD card for reliable recording and mini-USB for easy file transfer. To keep things simple, Tascam installed both units with the same user-interface they have been perfecting for years, allowing any artist to record high-quality audio with ease. So no focus is lost on what’s most important; the song.

For more information, visit www.tascam.com

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